The Upper Castle - Kochylou Korthi

The Upper Castle or Faneromenis Castle or Old Lady’s Castle was the strongest and largest medieval city of Andros. It was built by the Venetians over a spectacular plateau on the north of Ormos at Korthi, at an altitude about 600 meters and could protect approximately 1000 (or more) people. It was considered impregnable surrounded by high cliffs and strong walls. The history is unknown and maybe that fueled the legends that surround it. According to the most famous, the Turks, who could not get in, they sent in an old lady with her pregnant daughter to seek help, but at night the old woman opened the gate and entered the Turks who massacred all residents. Then the old woman regretted her act, he climbed a tall cliff and committed suicide by jumping overboard. So the memory of the old woman stayed in two of the sights: "Old Lady’s" and the beautiful beach "Old Ladys’ jumping."

Inside the Castle you will see the impressive protective walls, which, in many places, are in very good condition. Also ruins from numerous structures, many of which are underground and they are visible for the sole reason that its roof has collapsed. The legend says that through these tunnels there is a hidden passage exiting to the nearby Melissa coast

Today the castle, where you reach from a path that starts from the Korthi, you can see the impressive walls, which in many places are in very good position. Also ruins from numerous structures, of houses, churches, water tanks and the Faneromeni (Revealed) Church. The ruins of the strongest castle on the island. It was built by the ruler of the island Marino Dandolo from 1207 to 1233.
But above all there is the breathtaking view of the Aegean and an impressive landscape.
Once you get to Kochylou village, take the road to the bottom of the hill on which is the castle and from there you go up the path to the 143 steps to the entrance of the castle

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