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Taichi Qigong for Internal Balance
  • Every Monday & Sunday by appointment
Give yourself the chance to escape from the fast pace of everyday life and relax on the greenest island of the Cyclades.
We offer the ideal combination of vacations, relaxation and well-being. An alternative and wholesome break in the clean island air with the opportunity to partake in body awareness excercises, detox's and stress releasing techniques with the ancient Chinese healing system of TAI CHI QIGONG that releases the blocked energy and calms down the brain, the body, and the breathing.
60e per session (persons min2-max6) Duration 2hrs

Hiking Trails for adventure in nature
  • Every Tuesday :
Pythara Waterfalls-Apoikia Village-Stenies Village-Gyalia Beach
Distance 4km, Walking Time apx 2hrs, Altitude 230m-110m-30m-0m
12e per person (4prs min) Optional Lunch

  • Every Thursday
Remata Village - Lefka Beach- Remata Village
Distance 6km+6km, Walking time 4hrs, Altitude 190m-0m-190m
17e per person (4prs min) with pic nic lunch
  • Every Friday 
Menites-Messaria-Panachrantou Monastery-Falika-Aladinou-Cave "Foros"
Δistance 8km , Walking time aprx 4hrs, Altitude 200m-140m-470m-250m-100m
17e per person (4prs min) with pic nic lunch
 http://caveforos.webs.com/visitor-info (5e entrance)
  • Every Saturday 
Chora - Dipotamata- Kochylou Village-Grias Pidima Beach-Korthi Bay
Distance 10km, Walking time aprx 5hrs, Altitude 0m-200-400-50m-0m
17e per person (4prs min) with pic nic lunch

Cooking lessons for Culinary Experiences
  • Every Wednesday @ Themelos (Batsi), at 17.00

In Greece people don't eat to live, they live to eat !!!Βy this activity we invite you to cook, learn, laugh, feel, taste and return back in your country a proud sharer of our food and cultural tradition! http://trekkingandros.gr/culinary/cooking-lessons/item/one-day-cooking-lesson-2

40e per person (min 4ps) Duration apx 4hrs

Holistic Therapies & Massage for Vitality and Relaxation 
  • Every Sunday @ Themelos by appointment

Choose between a series of holistic therapies such as Shiatsu or Tui Na Massage or an Acupuncture session, or Relaxing facial massage, Crystal healing, EFT or Angel Therapy® session, or a Reiki Session. 


Or make your appointment with our New Therapists for Rejuvance & Thai Massage



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